Articles: indefinite

The indefinite articles: ein, eine

When we are not talking about a particular object or a particular person, the indefinite article is used.

Was ist das? – Das ist ein Stift.

It does not matter which pen it is, to whom it belongs, or whether it is blue, black, big or small. The sentence could refer to any pen. That is why the indefinite article ein is used, and not the definite article der.

  definite indefinite
masculine der Stift ein Stift
feminine die Brille eine Brille
neuter das Buch ein Buch


In the plural, there are no indefinite articles. If an indefinite noun is used in the plural, there is no article in front of it.

  definite indefinite
plural die Stifte Stifte
plural die Brillen Brillen
plural die Bücher Bücher