Three older men each hold a glass of beer in their hand.
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All Germans wear traditional aprons or lederhosen, eat sausage with potatoes with sauerkraut and drink beer every day, right? What other cliches about Germans do you know? What has been your experience up to now?

Cliches are ideas that are outdated and very general. Stereotypes or prejudices are fixed opinions, often about groups of people, that are not necessarily based on experience. They are generalizations that can be either positive or negative, but are often quite disrespectful.

We all think in cliches from time to time, but stereotypes about nationalities are often discriminatory and offensive.

It is important to check our own opinions on a regular basis and be open-minded when it comes to other people. Interest, dialogue and tolerance are the basis of respectful, intercultural coexistence. Ask questions carefully and explain things in a friendly way yourself if there are any misunderstandings.