Four men sit with paddles in a canoe in a body of water.
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Tarek, Max and Nico play soccer together and organize their own training. But they could also go to a sport club and play sport there. You can join a club if you want to do sport regularly. You have to pay a membership fee, often on a monthly basis.

"Treffen sich drei Deutsche, gründen sie einen Verein." – "When three Germans get together, they form a club."

A lot of Germans are members of at least one club and spend some of their leisure time there. But if you're not interested in sport, you can join a culture club like a singing group. Or you can work outdoors with others in a garden club, or join a chess club. Neighborhood clubs that would organize a street party, for example, are also popular.

As well as these hobby clubs, there are political clubs and clubs that tackle social issues, self-help groups and fundraising organizations.

A club is a good way to meet people with similar interests. Find out about the clubs in your city.