Dealing with emotions

It isn’t easy to start a new life in a foreign country. Learning a new language and a foreign culture along with homesickness and longing for friends and family can sometimes be too much to deal with.

Orienting yourself in a foreign country is never easy. Sometimes you will feel alone or overwhelmed. You don’t have an ordered, everyday life, and you don’t understand the language and maybe have the feeling you don’t belong. Along with this, you may have bad experiences, sad memories, homesickness and longing for family and friends that have been left behind.

Experts are there to help

It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed or lost and alone. It is helpful to know that this time at the beginning when you feel helpless will pass. However, it important to seek help from experts if you suffer from nightmares, can't eat or sleep, or feel like crying a lot. These are people who know how to help those who suffer from psychological trauma. Conversations, extended therapy or even medication can make the difference in getting over psychological problems.

It isn’t always easy to talk about feelings – especially when they are uncomfortable. In many cultures it is a sign of weakness when someone shows their emotions. People with psychological illnesses are even considered crazy. It is relatively normal in Germany for people to seek therapy and get help when they are experiencing psychological problems.

Doctors and therapists will help

In every city there are different facilities and contact points that offer help and consultation for people suffering from psychological issues. There are so-called "Psychosoziale Zentren" that specialize in taking care of migrants and refugees that require psychological assistance.

If you aren’t sure if you need therapy, you can first go to a doctor for advice. If the doctor thinks you require therapy, you will be issued a referral to a therapist. With a doctor's referral you can seek help at a therapist or a center for psychological therapy.

Support friends and family

If you have friends or family that have bad problems and cannot deal with everyday life, it is important that you provide them support and encourage them to seek therapy. It helps to make clear that psychological illness should be treated exactly like a medical illness and should be placed in the hands of a doctor and not left alone.