Education and training

A young man stands next to an older man at a workbench.

After you finish high school, you have to make some decisions: what do I want to do? Do I want to study or do professional training? Or should I do an internship somewhere first? Career counseling can help you get information about your various options.

If you don't want to study or can't study for some reason, then an Ausbildung (apprenticeship) may be a good idea. You can do occupational training at a company, organization, or some other enterprise. It can take between two and four years. Requirements for an apprenticeship are a high school diploma and an interview, and sometimes a screening test. Popular occupations for which you can do an apprenticeship in Germany include industrial mechanic, business manager, and geriatric nurse.

With all kinds of apprenticeships, you attend courses either on set days of the week or in seminar blocks to learn the theoretical fundamentals of your occupation. This is called a "dual apprenticeship" because you learn theory and practice in parallel. You complete your apprenticeship by taking a test. This provides an important foundation for a qualified job.