Enjoy your meal!

A woman, a man and two children eat together at a table.
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Germany is well-known for having a breakfast culture. In fact, breakfast is an important meal in Germany, especially on the weekends. Most cafés, bars, and bistros serve a delicious breakfast with a variety of options. However, most Germans only manage to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and a piece of toast or a roll in their busy daily lives. Lunch is also an important meal, but most people don't eat lunch at home during the week. Larger companies usually have a canteen for employees and most schools usually serve lunch. If you want to eat at a restaurant for lunch, you can usually find good lunch specials.

A classic German dinner consists of bread with cold cuts or cheese, which is why it's called "Abendbrot." But many families who don't see each other during the day eat a cooked meal in the evening. If you're invited to dinner, your hosts will usually cook a hot meal for you rather than offer you sandwiches. Restaurants and pubs, of course, serve hot meals in the evening.