Expressions with the dative

Fixed expressions that take the dative

The dative is used with certain verbs but also with some expressions made up of several words. Here are a few examples:

Spaß machen:

Fahrradfahren macht mir Spaß. (= Ich fahre gern Fahrrad.)

Angst machen:

Spinnen machen mir Angst. (= Ich habe Angst vor Spinnen.)

egal sein:

Mein Bruder ist mir egal. (= Ich interessiere mich nicht für meinen Bruder.)

Grammatical terms in German:

der Dativ: There are four forms or categories of noun (cases) in German. They are known as Fälle or Kasus. As well as the nominative and the accusative, there is also the dative. Nouns take this case if, for example, they occur after certain prepositions or they are the object of a verb that takes the dative case. The articles have the forms: dem/einem, der/einer, dem/einem, den/-. In the plural, an -n is often added to the noun.