Final clauses: damit

Final clauses introduced with damit

Final clauses are dependent on a superordinate clause in which an action or process is usually being described.

Action: Wir kaufen einen Saugroboter.

The final relative clause states the purpose or goal of the action or thing being described. It is introduced with the word damit and separated from the superordinate clause with a comma. The verb in the final relative clause is conjugated and comes at the end of the sentence.

Wir kaufen einen Saugroboter, damit die Wohnung schneller sauber wird.


Grammatical terms in German:

die Konjunktion: Conjunctions connect sentences or parts of sentences to each other. There is a distinction between two types of conjunction:

1. Conjunctions that connect clauses of equal status, e.g., und, oder, aber. These are called coordinating conjunctions.

2. Conjunctions that connect subordinate and superordinate clauses, e.g., weil, dass. These are called subordinating conjunctions.