Formal conversations

Revision/further explanation: features of formal conversations

In conversations with officials, e.g. at the registration office or the police station, the formal address is used. The formal address is characterised as follows:

  • A formal greeting is used, usually Guten Tag. Depending on the time of day you can also say Guten Morgen or Guten Abend.


  • If you know the name of the person you are talking to, a man is addressed with Herr and his surname and a woman as Frau and her surname.
    Guten Tag, Herr Brunner!
    Guten Tag, Frau Brunner


  • Address the other person with Sie:
    Wie heißen Sie?
    Woher kommen Sie?
    Wo wohnen Sie?
    Wie alt sind Sie?


  • Instead of dein/e use Ihr/e:
    Wie ist Ihr Name?
    Wie ist Ihre Adresse?
    Wie ist Ihre Passnummer?Wie ist Ihre Telefonnummer?


  • The usual way to say goodbye is Auf Wiedersehen.