Housework is so yesterday

A robot vacuum cleans the floor.

Sebastian wants the roommates to buy a robot vacuum because the dirt is  causing everyone to be in a bad mood yet no one seems to have time for housework. More and more German households have machines like this in their homes to reduce the burden of housework. Robot lawn mowers and robot vacuums are especially popular. But robots that do the mopping and window-cleaning are also popular. What household chores do you really dislike and would want a robot to do instead?  

While the "robotisation" of housework is still relatively new, the trend has existed in industry and commerce for some time. Lots of jobs that used to be done by humans can now be done by robots. This includes industrial assembly-line work, and work in storage and logistics. But that's not all: one study showed that in the long term, some 20.5 million jobs – that's about 48 percent of all jobs in Germany – could become automated.