Culture and society

Jobs and occupations

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Lisa is a Lehrerin (teacher) and Nico is supposed to become an Ingenieur (engineer). Max is actually a Bankkaufmann (banker) and Tarek is an Elektriker (electrician), but both also work in a Restaurant (restaurant).

What do these jobs involve? What other occupations and jobs are you familiar with?

Lisa works with people every day in her job. Other jobs that involve dealing with people are childcare worker, nurse, or geriatric nurse, which involve caring for children, patients, or the elderly.

As an engineer, Nico's job will be to manage projects or design buildings. But for now, he's working in a restaurant. There he serves customers and prepares food and drinks.

Tarek worked as an electrician, for example installing electrical wiring. Other craftsperson jobs include mechatronics engineer, painter, or hairdresser. These people work with their hands, repairing cars, cutting hair, or assembling products.

As a banker, Max worked in an office. Just as a clerk or office assistant would, he served customers, wrote emails and made telephone calls.

Culture and society