Kilos, grams and pounds

Different kinds of vegetables and a hand-drawn cardboard sign
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If you want to buy meat from a butcher or vegetables at the market, then you need to become familiar with measurements. You can ask for things everywhere using measures like grams and kilograms, but you also need to understand prices. For example, you might read or hear "Tomaten, nur ein Euro das Pfund". The measure "Pfund", abbreviated Pfd, is widespread in Germany. A Pfund (pound) is 500 grams. In Austria, you often see dag or dkg as a measurement. This means Dekagramm (decagram). One decagram is 10 grams. In Austria, for example, you can order 15 deka or dag cold cuts at the butcher's, rather than 150 grams.

But you don't always pay by weight. The abbreviation Stk. means "piece" or per item, and you buy one Bund (bunch), or Bd. of herbs.