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Learn German with Podcasts

Learn German on the go with free podcasts from Deutsche Welle. From everyday German to slowly spoken news reports to complete language courses, just download and start learning!

The word podcasting is a combination of the words "iPod," the MP3 player from Apple, and "broadcasting." Basically, they are radio for your iPod. What makes podcasts different is that they function via subscriptions and download automatically once they become available. You can subscribe to them by visiting DW-WORLD.DE or through the iTunes Music Store.

Always There, Always Free

With podcasting, you have access to a wide range of Deutsche Welle video and audio programs whenever you want -- on demand. You can completely organize your audio and video files on your MP3 player and take them with you. Of course you do not need an iPod to enjoy your podcasts; any MP3 player will work. It is completely up to you when, where and how you listen to your selections. And to make it even easier, all Deutsche Welle podcasts are free.

How It Works

To subscribe to a podcast you need a computer with an internet connection and audio software like iTunes. With this program you can subscribe to your favorite DW-WORLD.DE programs and download them to your computer and MP3 player. The technology that makes podcast possible is known as "feeds." Each time you start up your audio software, it checks all the feeds for your podcasts and automatically downloads any new programs.

After you have subscribed to a podcast and it has been downloaded to your computer, you just need to transfer the audio file to your MP3 player and off you go. The mother of all podcasting software is iPodder, which, along with other programs like iTunes (see link below), is available for free online.

Extensive Selection

Deutsche Welle was the first public broadcaster to offer podcasts when it offered programs covering the 2004 presidential elections to its users. What started out as an audio-only offer has expanded to include video programs form DW-TV. Today DW-WORLD.DE offers more than 50 different podcasts ranging from radio and television programs to German courses to special features from the Deutsche Welle archives.