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Leisure and professional clothes

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Over time, fashion and dress codes have changed. These days things are more relaxed, and in terms of fashion, almost anything goes.

The differences between what you wear to work and what you wear in your spare time are becoming less and less marked. While it used to be unthinkable to wear jeans to work, now it's possible in many different sectors.

In jobs in which you have contact with customers, however, there are still certain dress codes. You should avoid wearing clothes that are too casual or look too sloppy. For men, that usually means a shirt, tie, and suit pants. Even in summer, they should not wear shorts and sandals to the office. Women have more flexibility and can combine pretty blouses, skirts, and pants. 

There are dress requirements if you work in a hotel, in a hospital, or as an advisor. You should find out from your colleagues or your boss what is appropriate.

Culture and society