Numbers over 100

Once you know the cardinal numbers up to 100, the larger numbers are easy to form.

The hundreds are formed using the single digit + hundert:

100 (ein)hundert*
200 zweihundert
300 dreihundert
400 vierhundert
500 fünfhundert
600 sechshundert
700 siebenhundert
800 achthundert
900 neunhundert


*With 100 and 1000 the number ein(s) is often left out. Germans often simply say hundert or tausend.

With numbers over 100 the last two digits are formed like the normal cardinal numbers below one hundred. The hundreds come first:

201: zweihunderteins

212: zweihundertzwölf

215: zweihundertfünfzehn

231: zweihunderteinunddreißig