Reflexive pronouns (1)

Reflexive verbs have a pronoun that relates to the subject. This pronoun is called the reflexive pronoun. In true reflexive verbs, the reflexive pronoun is a fixed component of the verb, in non-true reflexive verbs, the reflexive pronoun is an object.

For the main part, the forms of the reflexive pronoun correspond to those of the personal pronoun. It is only in the third person that the reflexive pronoun has a different form, which is sich in both the singular and the plural.

The reflexive pronoun is usually in the accusative, where it has the following forms:


Reflexive pronoun

Ich dusche mich.
Du duschst dich.
Er/Sie/Es duscht sich.
Wir duschen uns.
Ihr duscht euch.
Sie duschen sich.