Retirees on tour

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Do older people like to travel in your country? Germans are seen as great lovers of travel, and it's not just young people who travel a lot. Older people also like going away on holiday. Senior citizens actually spend more money on travel than any other group. It's hardly surprising, as a lot of retired people in Germany not only have plenty of time, but also plenty of money.

Many tourist agencies offer services especially geared towards older, often single people. These include things like being picked up from one's home and having  luggage delivered. Organized group trips are also popular with seniors, because they not only see interesting places, they also meet new people. After all, who likes traveling alone?

Many older people go on day trips or bus tours. Cruises on the Mediterranean or on rivers like the Rhine or the Danube are also popular. Other seniors prefer more individual modes of travel, such as with their own mobile home.