Sentence construction: subordinate clauses (1)

Subordinate clauses have the following features:

  • They cannot normally stand alone but are linked to a superordinate clause.
  • There is a comma between the main and subordinate clauses.
  • Subordinate clauses usually begin with an introductory word, e.g. a conjunction or an interrogative.
  • The conjugated verb in a subordinate clause is usually right at the end. There are only a few exceptions.

The conjugated verb thus "migrates" to the end of the subordinate clause:

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You have already encountered three types of subordinate clause in this unit:

Causal clauses with weil:
Nico hat Yara gesucht, weil er ihre Hilfe braucht.

Subordinate clauses with dass:
Nico sagt, dass er jeden Tag Deutsch lernt.

Indirect interrogative clauses:
Yara will wissen, wo Nico jetzt wohnt.