Street names and street numbers in Germany

A street sign that reads "Rathausplatz"

Hauptstraße, Schulstraße, Gartenstraße, Bahnhofsstraße

Have you heard these before? They are the four most common street names in Germany. They designate (sometimes former) features or functions of the streets in the city. So, Hauptstraße (main street) is or was the most important street in the city; Schulstraße (school street) is the street near the school; Gartenstraße (garden street) ran or runs alongside the garden; Bahnhofstraße (train station street) leads to the train station.

Birkenweg and Lindenstraße, which are next on the list of most common names, are examples of streets with names from nature. Trees were chosen as name givers. Lots of streets are also named after famous people, like Schillerstraße and Goethestraße. In areas that were built more recently, you might find streets named thematically, like a district with streets named after composers: Mozartstraße, Beethovenstraße and Haydnstraße.

What street do you live in?

There are different ways in which street numbers are ordered. Usually, you will find even-numbered buildings on the right-hand side of the street, and odd numbers on the left.