The job interview

A man sits across from a man and woman at a table.

Fantastic! Your application has been successful and you have been invited to a Bewerbungsgespräch (job interview)! Now is your chance to let yourself shine at an interview and convince your potential employer to hire you. It goes without saying that you will be punctual, well dressed, and thoroughly prepared for the interview.

To prepare, you should inform yourself about the company and sector. This will make you feel more confident during the interview and also makes a good impression. In addition, you should decide whether you want to work for the company and what questions you might still have.

Also, since you'll be doing the interview in a foreign language, it's important that you can summarize information about your education and your professional experience – which schools you have attended and when, and where you have worked and what that work entailed. Keep it brief and practice beforehand. Think about the questions you might be asked and prepare to answer them.