The present perfect in detail

How do you form the present perfect tense? Read the rule and complete the text.

Gestern habe ich eine Wanderung gemacht.

This sentence is in the present perfect tense (also referred to as the perfect tense). The present perfect tense refers to the past and is made up of two parts: the auxiliary verb, which in this instance is "haben," and the past participle. The auxiliary verb "haben" must be conjugated.


Present perfect:

haben + Partizip II (past participle)

In declarative sentences, the conjugated form of the auxiliary verb is in second position. The past participle comes at the end of the sentence. In a "yes-no" question, the conjugated form of "haben" is in first position.

Wähl die Verben in der richtigen Reihenfolge aus.


ich eine Wanderung


ihr gestern eine Wanderung


out of . .