The verb "werden"

Nico will kein Ingenieur werden.
Was willst du werden? Willst du gern Koch werden?

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The verb werden can be used as an auxiliary verb or as a main verb. It is used as an auxiliary verb to make statements about the future.

As the main verb, werden expresses a development or change:

Die Kinder werden größer. (They are growing quickly.)

Werden is often used to express a career goal.

Helene will Journalistin werden. (She is still studying.) 

The verb werden is irregular. Here are the forms it takes in the present tense:

1st person ich werde
2nd person du wirst
3rd person er/sie/es wird
1st person wir werden
2nd person ihr werdet
3rd person sie werden
Formal Sie werden


The present perfect tense is formed by combining the verb werden with the auxiliary verb sein. The past participle geworden is irregular.

Helene ist Journalistin geworden.
Die Kinder sind größer geworden.