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Two rooms, kitchen, bathroom

A plan of an apartment is shown on a piece of paper.

If you're looking for an apartment in Germany, you should check the big property firms on the internet, but also look at the local newspapers and their websites. The apartment ads are often hard to understand, as they include lots of abbreviations:

2ZKB: zwei Zimmer, Küche und Bad: The apartment has two rooms, a separate kitchen and a separate bath.

34 m² Wfl.: Wohnfläche: The apartment is 34 square meters in size.

MKM: Monatskaltmiete: This is the basic monthly rent for the space. Utilities will be added.

NK, BK: Nebenkosten, Betriebskosten: Utilities or operating costs in addition to the rent. You must pay a sum for heating, trash collection, water and maintenance costs.

WM: Warmmiete: "Warm rent", or rent costs plus heating, trash collection, water and maintenance. You have to pay electricity costs yourself.

EG: Erdgeschoss: The apartment is on the ground floor.

DG: Dachgeschoss: The apartment is located on the attic floor.

1. OG: erstes Obergeschoss: The apartment is located on the floor above the ground floor.

EBK: Einbauküche: The kitchen is built-in, which means there are cabinets, a stove, dishwasher, etc.

TLB: Tageslichtbad: The bathroom has a window (daylight). Many apartments have bathrooms without windows.

WB: Wannenbad: There is a bathtub in the bathroom.

DB: Duschbad: The bathroom has only a shower, but no bathtub.

Culture and society