Vacation in Germany

Employees in Germany have an average of around 28 days of vacation per year. Many of them like to travel on their vacation - for example, to Spain or Italy. The Mediterranean countries are among the most sought-after destinations for travelers from Germany. Some fly even further away to places on other continents. But domestic vacations are also very popular. The sea or the mountains - the North Sea and Baltic Sea coasts or the Bavarian Alps – attract most people. The water temperature in the North Sea or Baltic Sea rarely reaches more than 20 degrees Celsius, even in the middle of summer. Only very brave people dare to take a dip. In the winter, many people like to go skiing in the Alps. If, however, you like museums, concerts or clubs, you can go on a city trip to Berlin, Hamburg or Munich, to name a few places.

Farm vacations are popular with families with children or people who are looking for relaxation. There, adults can recover from their everyday stress, and children can enjoy many new experiences, like petting and feeding animals or milking cows. Many people in Germany also like to go on spa vacations for a relaxing break. Spa resorts are usually located in quiet regions and are equipped with a spa area. They often offer courses, like yoga classes, and serve healthy food with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Mr. Strobel's deluxe four-star hotel is one of them. But Harry doesn't care about any of that because he only has one thought in mind at the moment: how to get out of the time warp.