Which is the best pizza?

Read the rule first. Then read the questions from the dialogue between Max and the guest. Which endings do the question words take?

The ending of "welch -" follows the declension of the definite article.

In the nominative, the masculine singular receives the ending "-er", the neuter singular the ending "-es", and the feminine singular the ending "-e".

The plural ending is always "-e".

In the accusative masculine singular, the ending is "-en". For feminine and neuter nouns, there is no difference between the nominative and accusative.

Wähl für das Fragewort „welch-“ die richtige Endung aus.


Wein ist am besten?

Fleisch ist am besten?

Pizza ist am besten?


Weine sind am besten?

Menüs sind am besten?

Pizzen sind am besten?

Info: der Wein – die Weine; das Menü – die Menüs; die Pizza – die Pizzen/die Pizzas

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