Working hours

A woman sits at a table and types on a laptop keyboard.
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The average workweek in Germany is 38.5 or 40 hours for those who work Vollzeit (full-time) or have a Vollzeitstelle (full-time job).

Some people work Teilzeit (part-time) or have a Teilzeitstelle (part-time job). They might work 20 or 30 hours a week. You will probably meet people who work a lot more or a lot less. For example, people tend to work longer hours in restaurants, like Max and Tarek. But generally, working hours have dropped over time.

In a factory, hotel or hospital, people tend to work on shifts that change, such as one week of night shifts and then one week of day shifts.

In a lot of offices, people can work flexible hours. You can decide yourself when you want to start work, but you must work the hours stipulated in your contract. But for jobs in which you serve customers, that's not possible. 

Some companies also offer the possibility of Homeoffice (working from home). That could be only one day a week, or all the time.