Working in an office

A large office room with separate workspaces on a workday.
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Roughly half of the working population in Germany today works in an office. Most people have their own office or share with an office mate. Open plan offices in which 10, 20 or even more people work - often separated by partitions or cubicles - are less common in Germany than, for example, in the USA. Their number, however, is rising.

Do you know anything about modern office forms? In some offices, employees no longer have a set desk, but use whatever desk is available and log on from there. Other people no longer have an office at all, but work with their laptops on the road or in a café. Home office – work from home - only accounts for twelve percent of all employees in Germany - less than the EU average.

In large cities like Berlin, co-working spaces, which first became widespread in California, USA, have become more common for some time now. They are large, open offices in which self-employed people, especially in web industries or creative fields, can rent a workplace for a limited period of time and work with others.