World champion bread-bakers

Different kinds of bread and rolls
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When you go to a bakery in Germany, you might be surprised by the variety of bread: wheat, rye, spelt, course rye, multi-grain … Nowhere in the world will you find as many varieties as in Germany. Germany is also known for the high quality of its bread. Most of the varieties are made using sourdough, which makes the bread light and gives it a nice flavor.

But why is there so much bread here? One reason is that many different types of grain grow well in the soil: there is a lot of rye in northern Germany, while more wheat grows in the South.

Germans love bread: for breakfast, as a snack, and especially for "Abendbrot", as the evening meal is called in some regions of the country. Germans abroad miss their "good German bread". Visitors, for their part, like to try all the different sorts. Do you, too?

In Ulm, there's even a museum about German bread culture, which tells you everything you need to know about it.