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Nico is hurt and has been taken to the doctor. But which one?

Like elsewhere in the world, there are doctors in Germany practicing in all different fields. For general health matters, you go to a general practitioner – a Hausarzt. You normally have to make an appointment in advance. Depending on the practice, you may also be able to attend surgery without an appointment, or you can sometimes make one on the internet.

You might then be referred to a specialist: a Hautärztin (dermatologist), a Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Arzt (ear, nose and throat doctor), an Orthopäden (orthopedic specialist), etc. You can also go directly to a specialist: to a Zahnarzt (dentist), a Kinderarzt (pediatrician), a Frauenärztin (gynaecologist) or an Augenärztin (optometrist), etc.

Sometimes it is hard to find a doctor in your neighborhood who is willing to take new patients. Particularly in rural regions, there are too few specialists. Make some inquiries first.

In an emergency, there are various options. You can go to the Notaufnahme (emergency room) at a Krankenhaus (hospital) or you can call an ambulance. The Europe-wide number for emergencies is 112 (ambulance, fire or police).