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On vacation

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Do you like to travel? Germans love to travel and do it frequently. They have about six weeks of vacation per year. Half of the population goes on vacation once a year; one in five people do it twice a year. Most people go on vacation in the summer, but you'll find German tourists around the world at all times of the year.

Not everyone likes to travel abroad, however. "Why ramble yonder? Look, the pleasant is right at hand," wrote Goethe. Germans tend to stick to that motto, with most of them preferring to go on vacation in their home country. About one third go on vacation inland. Those who like beach vacations go to the Baltic Sea or North Sea, but the mountains, especially the Alps in the South, are quite popular.

Second on the ranking list is Spain, especially the Balearic island Mallorca. Italy ranks third on the list of most popular vacation destinations. Since many Germans like to spend time on sunny beaches, people have coined the term "Teutonengrill" (Teutonic grilling).

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