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Revision: Articles in the nominative

Do you remember the definite and the indefinite article?

Three young women in a kitchen: one cuts fruit, the other two are behind her, sitting on a kitchen island and look at a smartphone.
Das ist medium Wohngemeinschaft.

Info: Indefinite article (ein/eine/ein): You have no other information about a shared apartment.

Nico and Sebastian sitting and Lisa lying on a sofa, Nina standing in front of them
Das ist medium Wohngemeinschaft von Lisa.

Info: Definite article (der/die/das): You have information about this particular shared apartment — in this case, its inhabitants.

A room with a bed, bedside table, rug, closet and pot plant
Das ist medium Zimmer.
A room with a desk, shelf, computer and binder
Das ist medium Zimmer von Nawin.

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