The application

A pen and glasses lay on top of a printed out reference letter.

What is included in Bewerbungsunterlagen (application documents)?

These days, you usually send your application for a job via email. You rarely send your application in paper form. Whichever way you send it though, the documents should include a cover letter, a résumé, and copies of your training certificate(s) and references. Sometimes you also have to include a personal statement, as well as samples of your work.

The cover letter is something that refers to the job ad. You explain why you are interested in working for the company and summarize your qualifications: why am I qualified for this job? Your résumé is a table in which you list your educational and work history chronologically. It also includes your photo and your signature.

You also include your educational credentials and your work experience. These are official documents in which your former employer confirms your educational or work credentials. You may need to have these documents translated. You should also let someone look over your application to ensure there are no mistakes.