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The phonetic alphabet

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Sometimes you have to spell out your name or address, or the person you are speaking to spells something out to you. To avoid mistakes, you can use the phonetic alphabet:


A      Anton      Ä     Ärger     B Berta
C   Cäsar   Ch   Charlotte   D Dora
E   Emil   F   Friedrich   G Gustav
H   Heinrich   I   Ida   J Julius
K   Kaufmann   L   Ludwig   M Martha
N   Nordpol   O   Otto   Ö Ökonom
P   Paula   Q   Quelle   R Richard
S   Samuel   Sch   Schule   ß Eszett
T   Theodor   U   Ulrich   Ü Übermut
V   Viktor   W   Wilhelm   X Xanthippe
Y   Ypsilon   Z   Zacharias      
.   Punkt   -   Minus   _ Unterstrich
/   Schrägstrich   \  


  @ Ett


Nico would spell out his name like this: Nordpol – Ida – Cäsar – Otto

Culture and society