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Where is the train station?

Nico is reviewing German with Lisa. She asks him questions and he answers. Listen to her questions and answer them too. The expressions in the example may be helpful.

der Bahnhof
im Bahnhof, in der Nähe vom Bahnhof, neben dem Bahnhof

die Sprachschule: 
in der Sprachschule, in der Nähe von der Sprachschule, neben der Sprachschule

das Theater:
im Theater, in der Nähe vom Theater, neben dem Theater

Say that the train station is in the town center.
Say that Kälberstraße is near Friedensplatz.
Say that the language school is next to the theater.
Say that the airport is not near the train station.
Answer the question with "Ja, ...".

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