Mornings in Germany

A cup of coffee, an egg, a glass of orange juice and a plate.

Germans are famous abroad for their sumptuous breakfasts. But there are plenty of people who only have time or appetite for a coffee. A traditional German breakfast usually consists of various kinds of bread and bread rolls, jam, and coffee or tea. If you want a hearty breakfast, you would eat cold meats and cheese as well. Lots of people also eat granola cereal with milk or yoghurt.

During the week, breakfast always depends on how much time people have, but people do not go without it on the weekend. Then, breakfast usually includes more variety: juice, toast, bread rolls, yoghurt, curd cheese, and fruit will be on the table. You'll also often have a choice between a normal boiled egg and scrambled eggs.

In German cafes you can usually order breakfast from the morning through to afternoon. There are often special breakfast menus offering various dishes.