The "Tatort" TV show

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While Harry goes through a real-life crime story, most people in Germany only know crime stories from books – or from watching them on television. For example, on Sunday evenings at 8:15 p.m., when "Tatort" is aired. It is the most popular German crime TV series – and also the oldest: It's been running since 1970! Millions of people watch the cult TV show every week – with their family, in a shared apartment or the local pub!

The idea behind the series is for different teams of investigators, each with unique characters, work in different regions of Germany. One week the episode of Tatort is set in Cologne, the next week in Bavaria and the following week, perhaps, on the Baltic Sea island of Rügen. This creates a multi-faceted image of the country, incorporating regional features and dialects. In terms of content, the series addresses current issues. Subjects range from drugs to child pornography to corporate crime. But there is also no lack of personal crimes. Nowadays, there is even a radio version of Tatort, also weekly, based on the same idea and equally successful: "Tatort" is simply a cult show!